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Meet Valencia: The Only Camera Bag You’ll Ever Need!

Last week, I came home to a {very} special gift from Aide de Camp on my doorstep – A Valencia travel tote from their classic collection! ♥ I’ve been using the most plain, traditional (okay, okay -ugly) camera bag that I ordered off of Amazon a few years back, so I’m absolutely thrilled to have such a pretty option to use now! They definitely had the consumer in mind the entire time while designing this thing, because it is LOADED with cool features and thoughtful little details inside & out. I’m flying → Florida tomorrow & can’t WAIT to put this baby to good use 🙂

Let’s dive in, shall we?

 The Valencia is –

 ♦ Two Bags in One: You can easily detach the inner pouch & now you have a smaller crossbody too! Use one, or both during your travels.

Perfect for Carry-On: Big enough to hold all your gear, but not so big that it’s clunky – I packed mine today with my DSLR lens + body, wall charger, 13″ Macbook Air, iPhone 6, wallet, planner, pens, earphones, a book, and cosmetics bag. Everything fit so well inside & each item has its’ own place, making it super easy to keep it all organized.

Functional: The tote has a trolley sleeve on the back, allowing you to slip it over your luggage handle – OR – simply zip it up to create an additional pocket. Take your pick! This is actually the first bag I’ve owned that has this feature and option. It’ll come in such handy!

Water resistant, lightweight, and durable 

What’s there not to love?

Believe me when I say that this bag is a game changer, people! You can read more about all of its’ wonderful features here. If you’re on the market for a cute new camera bag or versatile carry-on, keep an eye out for a 10% discount promo code on my Instagram later this week!

A huge thank you to Aide de Camp for this beautiful, one-of-a-kind bag ♥

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