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10 Places for Finding Remote Work

The Internet is a goldmine, the global workspace is changing, and Corporate America is catching on. Established companies and startups alike are beginning to realize that most work can be completed from anywhere with an Internet connection. More and more studies are being conducted that show that telecommuting produces higher job satisfaction for employees, and big savings on overhead for companies.

If you’re ready to begin exploring the option of working from home (or a coffee shop, hotel room, or the Maldives for that matter), then you’ll want to check out these websites! Here, you’ll find everything from entry-level customer service gigs, to marketing positions and even senior-level developer openings with reputable, well-known companies! (I see you, UnitedHealth, Etsy, & Amazon.)

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Happy job hunting, my friends. Here’s to hoping you land the career of your dreams!

1. Remote.co

Remote.co makes it almost too easy; When you subscribe, you’ll receive job listings straight to your inbox 1-2 times a week!

2. Power to Fly

This is THE place where startups and women working in tech come to connect. I’m really impressed by what they’re doing with and on their platform.

3. The Muse 

I love and utilize this site for a lot of different reasons; their blog articles are usually phenomenal and they offer a ton of great, practical career advice. If you go to “Search Jobs” at the top, then select “Work from Home Jobs”, that’s where you want to be.

4. TravelMe.World

Huffington Post, Elite Daily and Forbes Books all cite TravelMe.World as an ideal place to find remote opportunities, and with good reason! The site is so easy to use and navigate and has pages upon pages of job openings.

5. RemoteJobs.com

Search for a particular job title, keyword, or company name that suits exactly what you’re looking for!

6. SkipTheDrive.com

Catchy name, right? Their motto is “Simple is Best”, which I can agree with. Browse openings by category, and find the gig that’s right for you. They’ve got some great resources to read through as well, if you have a little bit of extra time.

7.  WeWorkRemotely.com

Super user-friendly interface, but if scrolling through pages of listings isn’t your jam, you can head on over to their Twitter instead where they tweet out some pretty amazing job opportunities each and every day.

8. WorkingNomads.co

Whether you’re seeking a position in marketing, sales, administration, or education, this site has a TON of job openings; there’s bound to be one that’s of interest to you. Today, when I checked their site, there were 3,933 openings in development ALONE!

9. FlexJobs

FlexJobs lets you personalize your job search to match your interests and/or experience, which is so awesome! I’ve read about a lot of success stories finding work through this site.

10. Dream Home Based Work

This is a great resource for those just entering, or considering the world of remote work. Many of the job leads seem to be entry-level positions and/or side hustles for some extra cash, but definitely worth checking out nonetheless!


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