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How To Spend a Weekend in Nashville

A few weeks ago, I rounded up my best girlfriends and headed out to Nashville for my bachelorette party! It’s quickly gaining traction as the new “it” spot for girls’ weekends, coining the phrases #NashBash and NashVegas. Even though we only spent a couple of days there, we still got to see a lot of fun things and eat at a lot of cool places.

If you’re looking to spend a weekend in Music City, check the following spots out!


Biscuit Love – No visit to Music City would be complete without having breakfast at one of the two Biscuit Love locations! Pro Tip: Get here EARLY! We arrived shortly after they opened, and within 15 minutes, the line was down the street and around the corner. It’s a popular tourist spot, so it has a tendency to fill up quickly. BUT! The food’s good and atmosphere is great. Definitely a must-visit. 


Hattie B’s – I didn’t actually get to eat here, but my girlfriends did while they waited for my flight to get in and said it totally lived up to the hype!

Gigi’s Cupcakes – There are now franchises all around the US, but what makes this particular shop special is it’s the original one! With flavors like chocolate peanut butter pretzel and strawberry stuffed french toast, it was hard to choose just one…I went with wedding cake and it did not disappoint. Each batch is baked fresh daily and is equally pretty as it is delicious!


Street Art Murals – Nashville has a ton of great street art, but we only had enough time to see two of them. If you love murals as much as I do, go and hunt down some more! Here are some of the others around town.


Johnny Cash Museum – If you’re at all interested in pop culture, this museum is a-maz-ing. I learned so many little-known facts about the country music legend, and got to see some really neat items – like his grade school report cards and apartment rent receipts from way back in the day!

Parthenon Replica – Located in Centennial Park, this replica of the Greek temple is very cool to see up-close. If you’re short on time, you can snap a few quick pictures and be on your way. If you’re not, there’s an art museum located inside as well!

Draper James – This is Reese Witherspoon’s store and yes, it is just as stinkin’ cute as it sounds. As you walk through the front door, they offer you a glass of sweet tea to sip on while you browse. It’s located on 19th Avenue North alongside some seriously adorable boutiques and coffee shops.

Honky Tonk Express – This baby should be a part of EVERY girls’ weekend in Nash. It’s an old school bus with its’ roof removed, refurbished into a moving bar. This may or may not have been my favorite part of the entire trip 😊  We were driven around the downtown area for two hours, sipping our favorite drinks (it’s bring your own!) as a DJ played songs at our request! Seriously so. much. fun.



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