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The World’s Most Romantic Cities

February is often a month associated with love, and, well, I’m ALWAYS down to celebrate that!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about which cities stood out in my mind as particularly romantic, and for me, it was a toss-up between NYC and Sydney. I have fond memories of walking hand-in-hand with Tyler through Central Park in springtime, and others of watching the most spectacular sunset with the Sydney Opera House in view. It was hard to choose! I suppose any location can be romantic if you look in the right places or are with someone you love, though.

Recently, I asked a few of the well-traveled women in my life which cities they thought would be the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Some of their answers you can probably guess – but others might just surprise you! Here’s what each of them said….

Carly – Someplace Images

“Ahh, Paris. The City of Love – and one of the dreamiest, romantic cities I’ve ever visited. Even though I’ve been single during all my visits – the city is alive with love everywhere. Young couples stroll down the street, benches along the Seine are filled with people holding hands and cuddling up to one another- even the metro has countless lovers canoodling. Maybe it’s the Parisian way of life, but public displays of affection seem much more common, even down to the simple act of holding hands. The city is filled with dreamers, artists, quaint cafes and beautiful people.. and it’s easy to see how one can fall in love in Paris, or with Paris. The possibilities are endless, the exploring and sights are second to none and there is no judgement for the amount of pastries and coffee consumed- if that’s not romance then I don’t know what is”.

Can you tell Carly’s a professional photographer? 😉

Karen, Wanderlustingk Travel Blog

“Although people don’t always associate Amsterdam with love, there’s nothing like walking down the canals with your sweetheart or taking a romantic canal cruise…. Afterwards, you can enjoy a great meal at one of Amsterdam’s many great restaurants before going out to a movie at one of Amsterdam’s beautiful art deco cinemas.  If having dinner and a movie isn’t your scene, you’ll find lots of cozy cafes to snuggle up with a nice drink as well as lots of shops to pop into.  You might be surprised by how much Amsterdam has to offer couples beyond the Red Light District”.

The picturesque streets of de Jordaan

Hope, Roaming Hope Blog

“When Asia asked for recommendations on places for a romantic getaway, the islands of Greece immediately came to mind.  Such a swoon worthy location and there are literally hundreds of islands to choose from.  Every island has its own unique character but you can be sure to enjoy the beach, the food, a little history and the friendly locals at all.  The quintessential island for a romantic getaway is Santorini.  Santorini is known for its gorgeous sunsets and it’s blue and white houses stair stepped along the hillside.  Santorini is a great choice and tourism is well established.  You can easily find and all inclusive resort to spend a weekend or a week, rent a scooter to explore the island or just relax and take in the beauty of it all.  If your looking for something a little smaller Sifinos is another great option with quietier beaches and more boutique hotels.  Enjoy wandering the streets of the villages, finding tiny churches and breath taking views every where you turn.  It’s a great place to enjoy the company of your loved one. A third option for a Greek island getaway is the island of Aegina.  Aegina is where the locals go to holiday and is a short ferry ride from Athens.  While we were there we stayed at an Airbnb were the host felt more like our Grandma and we had a secluded beach to ourselves.  While there, take time to check out the temple of Aphaia which is older than the Acropolis.  With great food and great wine there’s really no wrong choice when it comes to choosing a Greek island to visit.  Of course no trip to Greece would be complete without at least a day or two in Athens to visit the Acropolis”.

Boats on the coast of Aegina
Church on the island of Sifnos

Jade, Where She Blooms

“The moment it was decided that we were taking a trip to San Fran, it was a MUST that we spend some time in Napa Valley. I mean – Who doesn’t love wine?! While gathering information on different wineries and places to visit, we filled ourselves with excitement. We were looking forward to an amazing time, but little did we know, Napa had much more up its’ sleeve than we expected! Let’s just start by sharing that the first wine tour/tasting was scheduled for 9:45 am…Wine much?! While there, we did tours at Brown Downtown Napa, V. Sattui Winery, and Castello di Amorosa. From touring the beautiful castles to the comforting smell of the old cellars underground and getting to taste 3 year early wine out of the cellar, every experience was magical! Napa Valley is hands down one of the most romantic, comforting places to visit”.

Jillian, Konfigur Handbags

“My husband and I arrived to Vienna on the Danube straight from Bratislava.  If you plan on visiting Vienna I would definitely loop in Bratislava as it’s a 90 minute river cruise away.  As we prepared to dock, the huge, white majestic buildings make you feel like you are in another era.  The grandeur of the buildings is even greater at night when they are illuminated and you can walk around the city exploring the sites with less crowds and holding hands.  Among the amazing buildings are the remnants of the Habsburg empire.   You can top off the night architectural crawl by having a drink in the old town square (while, of course, admiring more beautiful architecture like St Stephens Cathedral”.

Tell me – Where is the most romantic city YOU’VE ever been to?

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