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My Favorite Outfits for Flying

What I Look for in a Travel Outfit

Versatility: I LOVE when you can get multiple looks out of one piece, and try to plan/pack for this as much as possible.

Style: Often times, when I’m flying, I have to be somewhere quickly upon arrival; That’s where the style factor comes into play.

Comfort: Quite frankly, if I have to be stuck in an aircraft for hours at a time, all I want to do is cozy up, turn on a movie and if I’m really lucky – fall asleep! This one is most important to me of the three.

The good news is that comfortable and cute is possible! These are the pieces that fit the bill for me; the ones I find myself reaching for over and over again before a long travel day…


This is my favorite jumpsuit of all time. Because it’s two-pieces, it can be worn a lot of different ways – as a romper, top, or pant – making it an absolute DREAM to travel with. With just this alone, you already have a handful of outfits ready to go (and when you’re a one bag packer like me, that makes a world of difference!)

It’s always always always a part of my warm weather vacation wardrobe because of its’ versatility, comfort, and packability – it won’t wrinkle when you put it in your suitcase! It’s also incredibly flattering for different body types and super cute (but we’re just stating the obvious with that last one.)

The above photos are the couple of ways I’ve styled them for trips in the past, but you could also pair:

  • The top with white pants for a more polished look
  • The pants with an off the shoulder white blouse – This would be cute for date night!
  • The top with white shorts
  • The pants with a navy blue tank, strapless, or halter top

Really – The options are endless! If you’d like to check out the other amazing travel capsule wardrobe pieces offered by this company, VacayStyle, you can do that here.

Dress with Denim Jacket

Oh, how I love dresses. Always have. Long ones, short ones, flowy ones, fitted ones. My entire office closet is dedicated to — and filled with — them.

It probably has something to do with the fact that they give the illusion that I’m put together while still being the comfiest pieces that I own. *wink*

Maxi and t-shirt dresses paired with a denim jacket are staple pieces for me; both in my everyday life and my travels. What I love about adding the jacket is that you can change your look by wrapping it around your waist or draping it over your shoulders. Throw on a cute pair of platform sneakers or slip-ons and you’re golden!

I have a few variations of this outfit that I switch out, but most often, you can catch me wearing one of these two:

  • LulaRoe Carly Dress (so lightweight + comfy, pictured above) with a blue denim jacket


  • A white & black striped maxi dress paired with a white denim jacket

T-Shirt, Cardigan and Leggings

While I tend to stick to jumpsuits and dresses majority of the time, there are always exceptions. For instance…

The flight before the sun comes up.

The long-haul international flight.

The red-eye.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. And that’s where this outfit comes in.

I’ll paint the picture for you: Neck pillow is on, hair’s thrown in a pony, and I DEFINITELY can’t be bothered to put makeup on. So t-shirt, cardigan and the softest leggings I own it is! It’s back to the basics with this one.

This look is about as simple as it gets, but hey – Sometimes that’s all you need. If you have somewhere to be when you land, simply keep a pair of jeans (or pants or a skirt) in your carry-on along with a statement earring or necklace that you can quickly throw on. A little goes a long way!

My favorite leggings are from Old Navy – I probably have somewhere around 8 pairs by now. I like them because they offer compression, are affordable, and come in lots of fun colors, patterns, and lengths!

LuluLemon Vinyasa Scarf

I totally lucked out and came across this piece on sale during my first time ever walking into a LuluLemon store. It’s had a place inside my carry-on every single trip since because of it’s functionality and comfort!

You can wear it a ton of different ways – I’ve already discovered 10 and love them all. This comes in real handy when trying to pack light, as it easily allows me to add additional casual looks to my wardrobe. I also like to use it for a bit of added warmth on the plane when needed, and sometimes even as a blanket.

Tell me: What do you usually wear before a flight? Do you opt for comfort, style, or a combination of both?

Which is most important to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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