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7 Must-Have Essential Oils for Travel

Over the course of the last year, I’ve been using dōTERRA essential oils to support myself both physically and emotionally while traveling. The benefits are truly endless – From easing motion sickness and soothing anxious feelings to boosting energy and strengthening the immune system, there is an oil for everything. And let me tell you…they are powerful. 
I’m often asked by friends what my favorite oils are to bring along on trips so I thought I’d take that info over to the blog for everyone to see! These are the ones that I never ever leave at home when traveling…


Peppermint is one of those powerhouse oils – SO good for SO many things! It’s the first I always reach for when packing my carry-on because of its’ versatility.

Feel a headache coming on? Rub a little bit on your temples and back of neck.

Experiencing some digestive discomfort? Put two drops in your water.

Motion sickness when flying? Apply topically to wrists and inhale.

Forgot your mouthwash at home? Add a drop to water and swish!


Nothing ruins a trip faster than coming down sick in the middle of it. Been there, done that and it is the WORST. I wish I’d had OnGuard on previous trips because it’s a total game changer as far as supporting the body’s natural defenses and providing a nice dose of immune support.

When I have a trip coming up, I load up on the stuff before, during and after because planes, trains, taxis, and yes – even hotels – are LOADED with foreign germs. It’s an amazing, effective preventative maintenance. Plus, it smells like fall which is always a bonus!

Some of my favorite ways to use it are to:

  1. Roll the blend onto the bottoms of my feet before I go to bed at night.
  2. Diffuse as soon as I check into a hotel room to purify the air.
  3. Soak apple slices in water + OnGuard and bring it on the airplane as a simple, delicious and immune boosting snack.
  4. Use the Throat Drops – These are a perfect alternative to chewing gum for those who need some help popping their ears on flights. They’re delicious, too!


This is my absolute favorite when it comes to easing anxiousness. It’s such a little blessing to have this during stressful times, when you just need to take a moment for yourself.

When I’m feeling anxious, I like to roll it onto my palms, take a deep breath in to inhale, and let its’ earthy, grounding, delicious aroma do its’ thing. I also love to diffuse this with Serenity at night time on my nightstand after a long day.


Ah, good old Frank. This one is affectionately known as the “King of Oils” in the EO Community because it is POWERFUL stuff. I’ve suffered from debilitating migraines my entire life; the kind that lasts for days and leaves you in bed with nausea, sensitivity to light, the whole nine yards.

I tried everything, you guys. The only thing that took away the pain was Excedrin Migraines. And you know where that left me? With horribly painful stomach ulcers. I just couldn’t win!

Until, I was introduced to Frankincense, that is.

When I feel that oh-so-familiar pain coming on, I immediately reach for the bottle and put two drops sublingually under my tongue. Then, every half hour or so, I will take two drops on my thumb, press into the roof of my mouth, and massage it in.

Sounds funny, right? I thought so too! But it WORKS. Magic in a tiny glass bottle, I tell ya. If you’re like me and enjoy understanding the science behind why this is so effective, it’s because Frankincense has the ability to pass the blood-brain barrier. Once it does so, it goes right to work, bringing down the levels of inflammation in the body and easing the pain in return.

The last thing I want when vacationing in a beautiful new city is a migraine hitting me, so if you suffer from them as well, Frankincense should be an absolute must. Aside from the pain-relieving benefits, it’s also incredible for promoting relaxation and overall well-being.


Would this really be a must-have essential oil list if lavender wasn’t on it? Chances are, you’ve experienced the magic of it before – Most people have! It’s probably the most widely used and known oil, and for good reason. Like peppermint, it is incredibly versatile and comes in handy for many scenarios. While traveling, I like to:

  • Roll it across my heart and on my wrist pulse points for its’ calming properties.
  • Apply it topically to any skin irritations and/or insect bites that arise.
  • Place a drop on my pillow before bed for a restful night’s sleep.


A massage in a tube. That’s the best way I can describe how Deep Blue rub feels.

This topical, essential oil-infused muscle rub is like the all-natural, holistic and non-toxic version of Icy Hot. Tyler and I can’t get enough of it!

If your travels are more on the active side and will entail walking, hiking, biking or anything else of the sort, you’re going to want the Deep Blue lotion in your suitcase. It’s got all the cooling, soothing goodness you need for those tired, achy legs.


Who else is in the sensitive tummy club? *raises hand*

Often times, even if you don’t have a stomach that gets upset particularly easily, traveling can do the trick – especially in locations where the water is unsanitary, heavily chlorinated or unsafe to drink.

DigestZen is best applied directly to the stomach to ease bloating, gas, and all of the inevitable discomfort that comes along with it. If I’m feeling extremely down, I’ll also put a drop or two in my water.

(Important to note: dōTERRA’s oils are the ONLY essential oil that I would recommend ingesting. You can read more on which ones are safe to ingest here.)

So, there you have it! My top 7 oils for traveling with. They’re my favorite because they’re versatile, powerful and they WORK.
Always having these handy helps give me an extra peace of mind during trips because I know that they’ll help me be that much more prepared when the unexpected happens – and it always does! That’s part of the fun of travel, though. 😉
Just in case you don’t already know, I am a proud Wellness Advocate of dōTERRA, meaning that you can order oils directly through me at wholesale prices of 25% off! I teach educational online classes and host an informational Facebook group in order to help spread the word about all of the incredible things these oils can be used for and do.
If you’d like more information about how to get started on your oily journey, there’s always a seat at my table! You can browse, shop and learn through my personal dōTERRA website here or join my Facebook Community here! 
Tell me – Have you ever traveled with oils before? What’s been your favorite one, and why? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Katee Blizzard
    July 6, 2019 at 5:07 am

    Peppermint and OnGuard are on my shelf as we speak!
    I’ll need to test out Frankensence as I too suffer from awful migraines. They are dreadful!

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