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A Remote World: The Most Beautiful Places to Work From

Whether you are starting a business or looking for the next place to start remote working being a nomadic freelancer gives you the opportunity to go pretty much wherever you want. And this means that when you start on the journey of being a nomad or working remotely there are plenty of places that have been on your travel bucket list. Some people will tell you that wherever you go in the world you are still working. But the great thing about being a nomad is that as soon as that laptop closes you have the opportunity to go wherever you want! With this in mind where are the best places to go and be a remote worker?

sunglasses and laptop with the ocean in the background

The Galapagos Islands

There are so many interesting facts about Galapagos that you’ve got to go and experience the place for yourself. The Galapagos Islands is a place of natural beauty and, granted, some people may not think about going there to work remotely there but when you wake up in the morning and see that beautiful blue sky it will encourage you to get your work so you can go and relax!


From a professional perspective, Austria has such a fantastic quality of life as well as a competitive cost of living. But Vienna is one of the most cultural places that you will ever visit. Art galleries theatre everything you want it’s all in one place! So if you are someone who is working in the art or creative sector it’s the perfect opportunity for you to absorb more inspiration!


As a place of natural beauty, there are not many places that come close! From the beautiful sights all the way through to a great welfare system if you were to work in Switzerland as a full-time employee you would be a very happy one! For any remote worker having an opportunity to go and explore the crystal clear waters after your working day will add that extra sense of well-being to your day, week, month, or year!


Beautifully designed and full of fantastic food, if you wanted to traverse the cafes of Germany and eat as many currywurst as possible you can do it! Such a fantastic thing about being a remote worker is that you can pick you up in a cafe and work there all day! Take the opportunity to find a local eatery that gives you everything under one roof! And when you’re bored with that place you can just move on! And if you’ve got a very liberal employer or you work for yourself perhaps you can hit the Berlin nightclubs and roll home at 3 in the morning!

The Philippines

Economically speaking there’s a lot of growth there but from the perspective of a wandering nomad if you just want to lie on the beach and open your laptop it’s one of the best places in the world! And in fact, the Philippines has ranked very high in personal happiness according to this InterNations survey.

Remote working is where it’s at but it’s as important to pick somewhere that can offer you so much to do once you’ve closed the laptop. 

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