Dreams to Plans


Hey there!

I’m Asia, a multipassionate solopreneur who loves freshly brewed coffee, an empty inbox, and pretty much anything where I can be creative. I’m a big believer in pursuing what sets your soul on fire, and being stubborn about your goals.

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2015 with my first blog, Navigable World, which was dedicated solely to travel. I could go into detail, but for the sake of time, let’s just say it’s been a busy couple of years. I’ve managed to quit my corporate job, backpack through Australia, move across the US, and start my own creative agency.

It’s pretty incredible what can happen when you design a life structured around your passions, love for the world around you, and support for others, huh?

As these events unfolded, people began to take notice. The same question started to pop up everywhere – “I want to be able to travel more and work from anywhere like you. Where do I start?” Hence, Dreams to Plans was born.

My goal for this blog is to educate and provide value for others yearning to become location independent. I’m taking everything that I’ve learned over the last couple of years and putting it all down on paper here for others to see, in hopes that it will be inspiring and/or useful for them.

When I’m not running my digital marketing biz or teaching English to students in China, you can catch me playing with my fur babies, Bentley and Marley, or venturing around a new city with my fiancé.



Travel more & work from anywhere!

It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

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